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Portable Pressure Washers

Kärcher are the world's number one pressure washer choice for the home that delivers unbeatable versatility with thier range of portable pressure washers to suit all needs – as a leading UK Kärcher Center we provide the solution whatever your cleaning challenge. Search here and choose the portable pressure washer you require. 



Karcher Home & Garden Accessories


Expand your pressure washer’s range of applications with Kärcher accessories.


Karcher Home & Garden Cleaning and Care Agents

Cleaning and Care Agents

Achieve faster results with Kärcher’s specially formulated cleaning and care agents.



New Full Control Plus technology with K5 / K7 from Kärcher puts all the control in your hands – with just the touch of a button.


Karcher Full Control Plus



The cleaning possibilities are endless from patio and decking to cars and children’s toys, you will be amazed by the outstanding cleaning results. 

The Full Control Plus trigger gun comes with a multi-jet spray lance, this means you can clean everything you set out to clean and more with just one lance. There is no need to change lances, simply select the perfect setting to suit your cleaning task.

The Full Control Plus range comes with the K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home and the K5 Premium Full Control Plus Home.

Click on the buttons to the right to find out more about the Kärcher Full Control Plus technology.

Full Control Plus

  • The Full Control Plus trigger gun comes with a multi-jet spray lance, so you can switch between Vario, Dirt blaster and detergent application with just a twist of the 3-in-1 multi jet lance.
  • The symbols on the multi-jet lance show you the perfect setting for your cleaning task – the Vario lance with three pressure ranges allow you to clean a wide variety of surfaces and stubborn dirt can be removed from hard surfaces easily with the dirt blaster. 
  • With the mix setting you can easily regulate the detergent application depending on your cleaning requirements and the Plug ‘n’ Clean system draws the detergent directly from the bottle for quick and easy detergent application.
  • You can then select the pressure setting using the + / - buttons on the Full Control Plus trigger gun from hard, medium to soft.
  • The volume of detergent used can also be adjusted by using the +/- buttons on the trigger gun.
  • The intelligent LCD display on the trigger gun continuously shows the selected setting so you are always in control of all of the settings. 

Karcher Full Control Plus

Karcher Full Control Plus

Karcher Full Control Plus

Which Pressure Washer is right for me?

The right pressure washer makes cleaning that much easier.

The cleaning performance of a pressure washer is determined by how the water pressure and water volume are used in combination. The more optimal these two are aligned, the easier it is to remove stubborn dirt and you can clean areas faster.

Here at Kärcher, we assign our pressure washers to different performance classes, the larger the areas you have to clean or the larger number of jobs, the higher the recommended performance class. This ensures you get the most effective clean. For example, if you have a large patio area, a K7 model would suit you best, not only due to the better cleaning performance, but you will also get a longer hose length, to increase your cleaning radius without having to move your machine.


K7 Performance

K5 Performance

K5 Performance

K4 Performance

K3 Performance

K2 Performance

The new Compact range

  • The pressure washers in the new robust Compact range are especially compact and extremely versatile.

  • The K 4–K 7 models can be used both while upright and while lying flat.

  • The convenient PremiumFlex anti-twist hose on the K 7 is especially robust and prevents the hose from kinking.

  • The high pressure hose on the K 2 – K 7 models can be hung over the front cover so it is within reach at all times.

  • Thanks to the integrated detergent suction hose, detergent can be applied without any extra effort.

  • The motors of the K 4 to K 7 models are water-cooled – for maximum performance and long-term durability.


 The new Compact range

    The new Compact range

    Simple to transport

    The second carrying handle on the underside of the Compact devices enables them to be stored simply on a shelf or in the boot of a car.

    The new Compact range

    Easy to store

    The K 4 to K 7 models have high-quality aluminium telescopic handles which can be conveniently extended and pushed together again – ideal for storage.

    The new Compact range

    Innovative hose storage concept

    The clever way to store your hose: the high-pressure hose of the K 5 and K 7 models can be conveniently wound up and secured with the elastic strap for transport or to store it after use.

    Discover the different uses of pressure washers

    Pressure washing is the most effective way to clean outdoors and is extremely easy: connect your device to the water supply and power outlet, turn on the tap, switch on the pressure washer, and let the cleaning fun begin! With matching special accessories, the devices are transformed into real all-rounders: whether for patio or decking, car cleaning, clearing the guttering or even cleaning the bins, the application possibilities are virtually endless. The pressure is always greatest the closer you are to the nozzle, therefore the distance of the nozzle to the surface you are cleaning should be adjusted accordingly to get the perfect cleaning result. The new Full Control trigger guns help to ensure you can easily find the right pressure setting for the surface you want to clean.



    Discover the different uses of pressure washers

    Pressure washers offer the right solution for every cleaning task!

    Our research shows that some of the more common outdoor cleaning tasks include:

    • bicycles
    • lawn and garden tools/machines
    • patio furniture
    • fences and walkways
    • motorcycles and scooters
    • small cars
    • steps and entrances
    • mid-size cars, trucks and SUV's
    • brick and stone walls
    • RV's and off-road vehicles
    • swimming pools and large patio areas
    • home exteriors and driveways

    Kärcher Makes a Difference

    For over 60 years, Kärcher has been perfecting the art of pressure washing, with more than 1,300 patents as evidence of the company's inventive spirit which make Kärcher the world's leader. Our focus is always on the needs of our customers.

    This means that in comparison to competitors Kärcher Jet Washers are characterized by the faster removal of dirt and therefore better cleaning efficiency. This means cleaning is quicker for you, by up to 50%, this means you also save up to 50% on water and electricity. The patented Kärcher nozzle technology suited to each individual model makes this possible. These advantages have been scientifically tested by the renowned and independent Fraunhofer Institute.

    Every Kärcher pressure washer is quality tested before leaving the production plant. They are also manufactured exclusively in our own manufacturing facilities. 

    Quality tested

    100% of our pressure washers are quality tested before they leave the factory. 

    More cleaning power

    Water is usually supplied at 4 bar out of a garden tap, Kärcher power washers can provide up to 160 bar pressure. 

    save water

    Water is ejected through a small high-pressure nozzle as a concentrated jet with a high cleaning effect, therefore you use less water.

    clean faster

    The patented Kärcher nozzle technology suited to each individual model makes it possible to save up to 50% cleaning time when compared to the competition.

    Better for the environment

    All Kärcher pressure washers can be used from an alternative water source. This means that our machines can be used during a hose pipe ban and makes them environmentally friendly. 

    Being able to use them from an alternative water source also gives you greater flexibility when working, as you will not be tied to remaining near your water mains source. 


    alternative water source


    K 4 Premium Power Control Car & Home

    The powerful Kärcher K 4 Premium Power Control Car and Home pressure washer adapts easily to any cleaning task around the home. This model includes a Car & Home Kit.


    A range for everyone

    When it comes to outdoor cleaning, Kärcher has you covered with our extensive range of pressure washers. Each range has its own unique strengths, designed to help you with any cleaning task, whether it be maintaining your patio, washing down garden furniture or cleaning your car.


    hose reel hero image


    Premium pressure washer's come equipped with an integrated hose reel meaning you won't trip up whilst cleaning and tidying away your pressure washer becomes that bit easier.


    Home Kit

    Home kit pressure washers allow you to clean your home, garden & patio in the most effective & efficient way. Equipped with a Stone & Façade cleaning detergent and a T-Racer patio cleaner, you will be able to clean your patio or terrace to a higher standard in a shorter amount of time.

    WB 120

    Car Kit

    Car kit pressure washer's contain accessories that allow you achieve the perfect clean for your vehicle. Equipped with a wash brush and bottle of Car Shampoo; both of which are specifically designed to remove dirt from your car's metalwork, you can throw away the sponge and bucket of dirty water.

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